A1-B2 Preparation (SPRECHEN)

-We will simulate the exam (SPRECHEN/TALKING PART)

- I prepared a lot of students for various German exam types.

 Contrary to most "German" teachers on Instagram, Tiktok and youtube I had thousands of 1 on 1 classes online before I decided to go online with my German content.

Therefore I know which classic mistakes students tend to do in the oral exam.

You will be shocked that even the B2 students fuck up the basic introduction part because they are nervous or they use weird lines from grammar books. 

FOR THE ORAL PART USUALLY 2-3 sessions are enough to get a feeling for the exam and also the see in which areas you need to put in more work.

DURING THE session I am writing down everything in the google docs and we will analyze the mistakes together.

- 35€ per student/60min